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Check out our new educational tool. IRB Primer: Incidental and Secondary Findings http://t.co/ptqQIe9ieF More to come.

— Bioethics Commission (@bioethicsgov) April 16, 2014

Just posted: Primers for Practitioners on Incidental & Secondary Findings. First up – the Clinician Primer: http://t.co/PTj4fQUV3a

— Bioethics Commission (@bioethicsgov) May 5, 2014

The Direct-to-Consumer Provider Primer is 3rd of 3 new Primers for Practitioners on Incidental & Secondary Findings. http://t.co/NEsmWfCU4K

— Bioethics Commission (@bioethicsgov) May 7, 2014

New blog post: “Video Highlights the Need for a Plan When it Comes to Incidental Findings” http://t.co/2JIKrSzgJV

— Bioethics Commission (@bioethicsgov) April 15, 2014

Just posted for use in various educational settings: Informed Consent in Ethical Management of Incidental Findings http://t.co/tZendKHXWT

— Bioethics Commission (@bioethicsgov) March 19, 2014

New Blog Post: “New Educational Module Available on Informed Consent for Anticipate and Communicate” http://t.co/ggmAuSI8Tw

— Bioethics Commission (@bioethicsgov) March 20, 2014

Download Bioethics Commission’s report: Anticipate and Communicate. Ethical Management of Incidental & Secondary Findings in the Clinical, Research,& Direct-to-Consumer Contexts. December 2013 (.pdf)