Uitgelicht en gespot op internet (week 48, 2020)

Uitgelicht en gespot op internet (week 48, 2020)

Een verzameling van nieuwsberichten die de afgelopen weken zijn gespot op het internet:



The Frequently Asked Questions document has been completely revised. Sponsors are encouraged to refer to it for questions on EudraCT/EU CTR. ….

The Service Level Agreement for the addition of a new active substance in EudraCT has changed. Now it could take 5-10 days to have a substance added in section D. of the Clinical Trial Application form. …

-Bron: EudraCT Public website

European Commission

Good Manufacturing Practices

Heath Research Authority (HRA), Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) & Information Commissioners Office (ICO)

National Survey on Research Integrity


U.S. Food and Drug Administration · 

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