In het kader van de bevordering van goede onderzoekspraktijken biedt deze pagina een overzicht van toekomstige evenementen en webinars. Het overzicht wordt regelmatig bijgewerkt en voorzien van nieuwe congressen, symposia, webinars en andere evenementen. Ontbrekende evenementen kunnen worden gemeld middels het contactformulier.

An overview of upcoming events and webinars can be seen below. Events not listed can be reported by using the contact form.

DARQA: Medical device software

Datum: 10 December 2021

Tijd: 14:00 - 15:30

Locatie: Webinar

EUCROF: 6th European Conference on Clinical Research

Startdatum: 7 February 2022

Einddatum: 8 February 2022

Locatie: Madrid

Nordic Biobank Conference “Current trends and challenges in the Nordic countries”

Startdatum: 8 March 2022

Einddatum: 10 March 2022

Locatie: Gothenburg

The 1st Nordic Biobank Conference is a unique opportunity to meet representatives in the area of human biobanking as well as other scientific experts from healthcare, academia, and industry! Come and listen to the latest news and current trends in human biobanking, while networking with professional colleagues. The conference is jointly organized by the Nordic countries, comprised of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

NVFG ClinOpsdag 2022

Datum: 17 May 2022

7th World Conference on Research Integrity

Startdatum: 29 May 2022

Einddatum: 1 June 2022

Locatie: Kaapstad

The theme of the conference is ‘Fostering Research Integrity in an Unequal World’. We are confident that the 7th WCRI will be interesting and relevant to Research Integrity stakeholders across all disciplinary fields from the basic and applied natural and biomedical sciences to the humanities and social sciences. Important RI stakeholders include researchers, institutional leaders, national and international policy makers, funders and journals.