NAM: Rebuilding Public Trust in Biomedical Science and Research

Datum: 4 November 2021
Tijd: 00:00 - 00:00
Locatie: Webinar

The NAM’s Leadership Consortium Evidence Mobilization Action Collaborative will host a webinar focusing on stewarding public trust in health research. The first webinar in the series will focus on exploring the factors that influence levels of public trust in health and biomedical research and evidence. The discussion will identify dimensions of distrust and surface key barriers to achieving public trust and improving the uptake of reliable information and seek to answer the following questions:

1. Profile: What are the characteristics and origins of public distrust in health research?
2. Trends: What have been the correlates and trends for increasing distrust in health research?
3. Consequences: What are the near and long-term potential consequences?
4. Role of cadence: What is the role of speed and sense of urgency?
5. Role of capacity: What is the nature and importance of transparency in the research process?
6. Strategies: What trust-enhancing strategies have been suggested?

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