ISBER 2022 Hybrid Annual Meeting and Exhibits

Startdatum: 16 May 2022
Einddatum: 20 May 2022
Locatie: Atlanta

Biobanking is increasingly recognized as intrinsic for accelerating the scientific journey. By fostering deep collaboration amongst a broad, inclusive community of thought leaders, we are able to strengthen our collective capability and create shared value. The challenges associated with providing sustainable, modern infrastructure will not be solved unless there is a concerted effort to integrate lessons learned into a robust ecosystem built on partnerships across multiple sectors. Partnerships must be broad, creative, expansive and committed to the collective impact. Such coalitions can be multi-sectorial and include leaders and stakeholders from diverse quarters representing academia, industry, and government, each of whom bring their own experiential knowledge and assets. Biobanks must provide scientists and the general community with globally-available tools to innovate, learn, and inspire. As the world grows ever more connected aided by the convergence of biology, data, digital systems and automated technologies, biobanking presents many new potential applications. From novel companion diagnostics, which can be used to diagnose and treat disease more effectively, to enhancing our understanding of environmental influences, biobanking is shaping the scientific journey in a new world. Hear experts share their stories behind Biobanking: Shaping the Scientific Journey, and help build a new understanding of the biobanking landscape to contribute to a strong vision for the future.

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ISBER 2021 Trust in Biobanking Virtual Program

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Locatie: Virtual

The availability of large quantities of biospecimens and data for research use from biobanks (entities that collect, store and distribute biospecimens and data) has led to major advances in science and medical care. These advances depend upon broad participation from individuals and groups, which is necessary to ensure the benefit of all. Maintaining the trust of research participants, the public and other stakeholders is critical to broad participation in biobanking and biospecimen research. Remaining worthy of public trust requires authentic participant and public engagement; trust is essential for biobank social sustainability.

Discussion at this gathering will focus on what makes a biobank trustworthy. This 90-minute virtual program is designed for biobankers, researchers, IRB members, institutional officials, biobank participants, and their representatives to discuss the factors that contribute to trustworthy biobanking. It will be an opportunity to identify best practices regarding topics such as consent, privacy, data sharing, and data security to help warrant the trust of research participants, the public, and other stakeholders. It will also be an opportunity to explore what ISBER should be doing to educate and engage the public regarding biobanking activities.

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