EFSPI Webinar: Decentralized Trials

Datum: 27 January 2022
Locatie: Webinar

Decentralized Trials (DCTs) were discussed at the 2021 EFSPI Workshop
on Regulatory Statistics. This session builds on that
introduction. Following a refresher on the statistical opportunities and
challenges with using decentralized trials you will hear from 2 speakers
who will focus on some real case studies where DCTs have been used in
practice. The first of these will focus on the use of digital endpoints and
provide examples of successfully using digital endpoints in clinical trials
together with flagging up some areas where further statistical work is
required. The second of these presentations will introduce a framework to
guide teams on the scientific issues related to the use of DCTs,
particularly in later phases of clinical development. Opportunities,
assumptions and points to consider will be illustrated with examples of
decentralized trials. The webinar will finish with a panel discussion where
we welcome questions from all statistical aspects of the use of DCTs in
clinical development.

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